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Cabela's Weekly Ad 2024. Browse Cabela's Ads This Week. Find wide variety of products including camping, and boating gear at! Cabela's is a retailer of outdoor and recreational merchandise in the United States and Canada. Cabela's offers a wide variety of products including hunting, fishing, camping, and boating gear, as well as outdoor clothing and footwear. 

Cabela's is a well-known American retail chain that specializes in outdoor recreational products, similar to Bass Pro Shops. Cabela's became famous for its extensive selection of hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor gear, and it built a loyal customer base over the years.

Key features of Cabela's include:

1. **Product Range**: Like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's offers a wide range of outdoor products, including hunting and fishing gear, firearms, camping equipment, clothing, footwear, and more.

2. **Retail Locations**: Cabela's has several large retail locations across the United States and Canada, often designed with elaborate outdoor-themed displays similar to Bass Pro Shops. These stores provide immersive shopping experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. **Cabela's Club Rewards**: Cabela's introduced a loyalty program known as the "Cabela's Club" that offered customers rewards and discounts based on their purchases.

4. **Mail-Order Catalogs**: Before the rise of online shopping, Cabela's gained popularity through its mail-order catalogs, which allowed customers to browse and order products from the comfort of their homes.

5. **Cabela's CLUB Visa**: The company also offered a co-branded credit card called the "Cabela's CLUB Visa," which provided additional benefits to cardholders, including reward points for purchases.

6. **Merger with Bass Pro Shops**: In 2017, Cabela's was acquired by Bass Pro Shops. This merger combined two of the largest outdoor retail chains in the United States, expanding the reach and product offerings of both companies.

7. **Outdoor Events and Workshops**: Similar to Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's also hosted outdoor events, workshops, and seminars to educate and engage customers in various outdoor activities.

Overall, Cabela's was known for its strong emphasis on catering to the needs of hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The brand's merger with Bass Pro Shops has further solidified the presence of these outdoor retail giants in the market. While the original Cabela's stores may no longer operate under their own name, the legacy of Cabela's continues as part of the larger Bass Pro Shops conglomerate.

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